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part of frouteville's appeal has ALWAYS been our great showcase of local food, art + creatives.

if you have great artistic wares to share + sell, practical goods, plants + supplies, delicious tucker, a community group to show off, some knowledge to share, or any kind of outrageous stall-oriented idea, then we want to hear from you!

it's a great opportunity to be involved in a wonderful community event, show yourself off, help feed the saturday day-time masses, make some pocket money + meet all the nice people that live in east gippsland.

but please - read this first! 

we are really dedicated to creating an environmentally sustainable festival. to us, it's a no-brainer.  we have never supported the use of single-use plastics or disposables,  +  one of the hall marks of our famous (f)route breakfasts is that we always use crockery/cutlery + wash the dishes as we go. we really, really encourage you to take these ethics into consideration, + we will be way more inclined to approve your application IF you take the time to explain to us just how you intend to minimise (curb!) waste, + how your practise laughs in the face of disposables.

we are completely willing to work with you on this - whether this be by encouraging patrons to BYO cup for use on the day (thus! no need for disposables), by providing areas to wash your dishes and by having recycling/compost stations - plus there's probably much more that hasn't even been dreamed up!

(no glass, either. sorry kids. our festival site is usually a paddock for really nice horses.)

tell me more?

[this is - small-time makers, artists, collectives, community groups** - if you're not sure - just ask!]

[selling ready-made food, snacks.     all applications are considered, however, foodie spots are limited. For more information, please email us at

stall-holders must provide all necessary safe-food handling certificates + food-sales permissions]

DRINKS STALL [non-alcoholic] - $50

DRINKS STALL [alcoholic] - $100
[applications are licensing dependent - stallholders must provide their own current liquor licensing]

* or - if you have a remarkably successful day - pay as you feel.
we have tried to make our fees are fair as possible - markets can be a little bit fickle, and although we plan to have a very successful day, we want it to feel worth your while. all fees charged go straight back into the frouteville operations - whether this be paying the musicians and hard-working technicians, or paying for licensing and equipment, or putting into the kitty so we can have a frouteville 2019.
[most of the hard work undertaken to create frouteville is on a volunteer basis.]

** we will waive the fee for non-for-profits! wave it.. goodbye!


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will you: BYO labelled crockery/cutlery? take all your waste home with you? say no to plastic bags/wrapping? say no to disposable coffee cups?
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sorry market people, but if you don't have your own public liability insurance, we have to ask you to cover yourselves through our policy. This will incur an additional $10 upon your stall fee